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Mansfield College had arranged students visited famous companies or newspaper offices since 1967 so that students could know the the work place environment. In Aug 1967, our alumni visited W. Haking Industries Limited, manufacturer of optical products sold all over the world.


7 November 2022


Our college joined inter-school health quiz competition in 1966 and defeated Aberdeen Technical School for final competition.


21 October 2022


我們校友Albert Au 區瑞強將於2022年10月28-30日於伊利沙伯體育館舉行演唱會We Meet Again Concert,請各校友大力支持。屆時他會演唱陳百強的粵語名曲"盼三年"的完整版本,大家現可到學校網站先睹為快他的精彩演出。

Our alumni Albert Au will stage "We Meet Again Concert" at Queen Elizabeth Stadium during 28-30 Oct., 2022, Act now for buying his concert tickets. Right now, you can go to our school website to watch his performance on of the Cantonese Song "Looking forwards to 3 years" broadcast on 1 Oct 2022. The full version of this song will be performed at his concert.


5 October 2022



The recent news about member of police watchdog Miss Helen Yu slams Miss HK show as ‘too revealing’. What I want to let you know that Helen Yu as Officer of Yaumati District Office of Home Affairs Dept. in 1973 was invited by our Interact Club of Mansfield College as VIP at Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to raise fund for running community services by charity film at Ocean Theatre at TST in 1973.

Photo: Ribbon-cutting Ceremony by Lui Hong Hau, Helen Yu Lai Ching Ping and the Principal Cheng Ya Tsing.

23 September 2022


美國三藩市州立大學假格致書院1971年6月舉辦暑期班 初次選香港為授課地點 修讀學分更獲美國大學承認 此舉促使更多校友在海外繼續升讀大學。State University of San Francisco conducted summer course at our college in June 1971, this was their first overseas selection, the credits would be recognized by the universities of United States. This made most our schoolmates to further their studies in overseas.


13 September 2022




我們學校網站 www.mansfield-college.com 除了資訊最強、資料最齊、最多校友瀏覽之外,更重要是Yahoo及Google等尋找器與學校網站有聯繫。所有資料及留言都會被迅速尋找並列出於最前部分,是最快及最有效尋找舊同學的方法,當然資料要準確及越多越好包括相片。例如,只要你在Google Search 輸入 廖玉兒 格致,網頁立即列出我校有關網站及網頁資訊,在其他Facebook或相關App都難以找到。所以想有效聯絡或尋找同學,可利用我校網站提供你們的資料及相片或Email to: hkcyberlord@yahoo.com 發揮最有效功能,與舊同學聯繫。另外,所有資料及留言都會存在網頁內,日後舊同學亦會容易找到你的資料或留言,他們亦可在Google尋找到你。

Something You Must Know

Our school website www.mansfield-college.com provides not only strongest related information but most important that we has linked to Google Search and Yahoo Search Engine, so if you want to search your old classmate, you can provide your information (correct info) and photo to the website or email hkcyberlord@yahoo.com, all information will be searched out on the top list on the internet immediately. For Example, you only type ''Becky Liu Mansfield'', the result will be list out on the top list. And the information you left on the webpage will be searched out by your classmates in the future.

1 September 2022


格致書院在1964年,即主樓落成的同年9月不但開辦日間課程還包括夜校課程。Mansfield College not only opened day time courses but also opened evening courses in September 1964, the same year after the completion of main building in 1964.


20 August 2022


其實學校早在1964年落成之前幾個月已經登報招生,為9月開學作好準備。Our alma mater had made advertisement for school enrollment few months ago on newspaper before the completion of the main building in 1964.


15 August 2022


1964年格致書院主樓校舍落成,並開放參觀。建築費首期及設備只需三百多萬,比現在一個單位還要便宜。Our School Main Building completed in 1964 and opened for public visit. The first instalment and facilities fees were about HK$ 3 million, cheaper than the residential flat right now.


2 August 2022

The interview of our Alumni Jenny Keung broadcast in Music Journey on 3 April 2022 (Sunday) at 21:30, watch now at 


4 April 2022


Our Alumni Website has been updated to include Yearbook of 1966 and improved quality of 1971 Annual Report so that we can read it clearly. What's more, we have added many photos of teachers.

30 June 2021


As many alumni and teachers are living in North America and Canada especially in Vancouver and Toronto and sub-areas, we hope to create a communication network so that we can meet together in North America after the Pandemic. Please send you contact phone no. and e-mail address to webmaster first, we will contact you later. Please forward this message to your classmates or teachers for their notice.

Paul Yim 嚴同學 Richmond Hill Ontario

29 December 2020

格致校友會網站最近又一次幫助1974年畢業屆別5A班的同學成功尋找失聯40多年的同學Betty Ho,證明學校網站可發揮尋找舊同學作用。只要同學們提供足夠資料及相片就好大機會尋找到,因爲學校網站内的資料會被Google Search Engine迅速尋找得到。


Our College website once again has helped schoolmate of 1974 class 5A to find out contact with classmate Betty Ho recently, they have lost contact over 40 years, this has proved that our college website can be used to find out long lost classmates as long as you provide enough information and photos because all contents of our website will be easily and quickly searched out in the Google Search Engine.

22 October 2020



Have you remembered the Ruby Restaurant at Champagne Court where many of us used to go for breakfast while we were studying in our college? It's sad to tell you that one more of our childhood memory will be shattered along with the demolishment of the Champagne Court in the near future. Please press the link above to get further information.

11 September 2020