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1981屆別活動照片 (Photos of Activities for Alumni of 1981)

20221026 天后家居軒及富港酒家飯局 (Dinner at Tin Hau & Ping Shek)


20191030 尖沙咀稻香飯局 (Dinner Gathering at Tsimshatsui)

20191018 黃大仙翠園酒家飯局 (Dinner Gathering at Wong Tai Sin)

20190508 旺角稻香飯局 (Dinner Gathering at Mongkok)

20190301 佐敦迎囍酒家飯局 (Dinner Gathering at Jordan)


20181227 尖沙咀江順河鮮飯局 (Dinner Gathering at isquare TST)


20180330 貴州梵净山4天團 (4-day Tour in Guizhou, China) 

20180324 台北4天驚喜遊 (4-day Tour in Taipei)

20180104 佐敦金皇庭囍宴飯局 (Dinner Gathering at Jordan)

20170501 東莞寮步兩天團 (2-day Tour in Dongguan, China)     

20170326 富運Neway Karaoke & 美孚吉吉燒BBQ

20161118 佐敦金皇庭歷屆師生晚宴 (Banquet with Teachers at Jordan)

20160521 佛山兩天團 (2-day Tour in Foshan, China) 

20151228 九龍灣喜百合師生晚宴 (Banquet with Teachers at Kln Bay)

20150611 京華酒樓師生晚宴 (Banquet with Teachers at Prince Edward)

20141206 江門圭峰山兩天團 (2-day Tour in Jiangmen, China) 

20141011 佐敦金御海鮮酒家晚宴 (Dinner at Jordan)

20140412 參觀東莞化妝品工廠 (Visit Cosmetics Factory) 

20140226 尖沙咀Sorriso意大利晚餐 (Sorriso Italian Cuisine at isquare )

20130825 乒乓球同樂日 (Table Tennis Competition Fun Day)

20130505 惠州一天團 (1-day Tour in Huizhou, China) 

20130412 黃大仙富金海鮮酒家飯局 (Dinner Gathering at Wong Tai Sin)

20121110 順德兩天團 (2-day Tour in Shunde, China) 

20120918 太子京華酒樓晚宴 (Banquet at Prince Edward)

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