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Memory of Mansfield College from Kwan Siu Tong

​Memory is the thing which I desperately need as I am getting old. I can still remember some of our awesome, lovely teachers and classmates:
1) Mr. Yam 任 (Math), who showed us the essential nature of geometry contains a series of propositions in form of questions and answers postulating by means of deduction of which it reveals the Pythagorean golden ration of the secret of nature.

2) Mr. M. P. Wong 黃務本, Chem 王 (Chemistry, UC Berkeley graduate) who underlined that most of the abstract scientific formulae are originally derived from the experiments themselves, merely memorizing the abstract formulae for exams would be nonsensical in regard to scientific truth and education objective. Taught in Mansfield College after retirement from La Salle College and have migrated to Toronto later.

3) Mr. S. Kan 簡新程 (Math, UC graduate), the then bright, thoughtful and young Math Teacher, who defended himself in class against the stigmatization by some student's parents due to his participation in night swimming event on beach which involved some girl students; his apology defense was really convincing with sound argument in terms of relativism trying to prove that the unscrupulous condemnation was untenable in his case as there is no absolute moral truth in our society. What they said had triggered off my interests in those subject matters unconsciously and finally led me to explore those interesting questions in my college years later for which I should be most grateful. 
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