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1974屆別活動照片 (Photo of Activities for Alumni of 1974)

1974 Form 5B Class

Our Class Head teacher Miss Rita Au taught Biology, other classmates including William To (杜福強), Kenneth Tam (談民健), Thomas Ma, Florence Dick (狄未莉),張嘉華,張國强,黃維弼,李偉民. If you know anyone of us, please contact us. 如有任何同學認識我們,請即聯絡我們。

Photos provided by William To 杜福強 1974 Form 5B
The following Photos provided by Miss Au
Miss Au's 2-year old daughter
​Miss Au 的兩歲女兒 右一: 黃維弼
Back Row: 張國強, 羅鴻輝​
Front Row: 黃維弼, Miss Au & her Husband, Mona Lisa Lau
蔡沛生, 麥兆麒, M.P. Wong Sir, Miss Au, 許Sir,  謝Sir, 譚民健
Eagle's Nest Chinese Restaurant of Hilton Hotel, Central
謝師宴 (Teacher Appreciation Banquet)
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